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ABOUT Tire Trade

Tire Trade Co. founded by Morris Ishak Rizkallah, it was established in Cairo, Egypt since 1980. The core business is the distribution and service for the transport sector. The company offers the wholesale supply from a large, diversified stock to meet resellers requirements all over Egypt.

Our office is located in Heliopolis, Cairo with a total space of 450 square meters. The office is mainly specialized in commercial representation.

We have several retail outlets in Cairo. Many of our long term customers are large corporations possessing fleets of buses, trucks and passenger cars, in different commercial and governmental sectors. We entertain a good reputation earned along the last 30 years.

Our plan to expand the business is realized through our new 4000 m2 warehouse, showroom and service center in Obour industrial zone. The new facility deliver New products and services for the transport industry are ready to be operated in the new facility.

Our company is as well ready to cooperate with international companies looking for representation in Egypt.

Our Core values

Tire trade has been supplying quality, new tires to the consumers since 1980. We pride ourselves on having the best selection of quality new tires with top name brands.

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